On the steep coast, on an area of ​​15,000 m² of wild nature, surrounded by greenery and banana plantations, there are 10 small houses with one room each. The bungalows are equipped with shower / WC, hot water, small terrace and single or double bed. Camping possibility with electricity, shower / WC and parking spaces are also available.

From the complex, a 80 m long, steep path leads down into the bay to a wild and romantic sand-gravel beach. Individual small and large rocks jut out of the turquoise, clear sea and invite you to dive, snorkel, swim and sunbathe.

The next village is 2 km away, so there is no annoying noise. The ideal place to recover from everyday life and to enjoy the private atmosphere. Nature determines nightlife here and not the discos and bars with their noise.

Nearby, you can explore ancient ruins, remains of fortresses and cemeteries dating back 2000 years. The barely visited, attractive ancient port city of 'Antiochia ad Cragum' is just 3 km away. North of Melody are the Taurus Mountains. The peak is partially covered with snow in early summer. In the mountain forests, it is wonderful to discover the old remote villages or just enjoy hiking.